A1.  Egg Roll (2)   $4.49
Two golden fried rolls stuffed with vegetables
served with mild sweet and sour sauce.

A2.  Fried Tofu  (8)   $8.29
Deep fried served with mild sweet & sour sauce topped with ground peanut.

A3.  Yum Nua  New $12.99
Grilled sirloin beef, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, and Thai basil in spicy lime juice.

A4. Coconut Shrimp (6)  $11.99
Battered and deep fried with coconut flakes, served with orange sauce

A5.  Kung Ping (6)   $11.99
Two skewers of grilled fresh shrimp, served with spicy lime sauce

A6.  Soft Shell Crab   $11.99
Deep fried tempura, served with sweet chili sauce

A7.  Yum Woon Sen $12.99
Glass noodles with chicken & shrimp, red/green onion, roasted peanut, black mushroom, carrot, ginger, cilantro and spices

A8.  Fried Vegetables $10.99
Assorted vegetables tempura, served with mild sweet & sour sauce

A9.  Hoi Obb   $13.99
Steamed mussel with herbs, served with spicy lime