Your choice of chicken, beef, tofu, pork, or vegetables  $12.99
Shrimp  $16.49
Seafood (scallop, shrimp, squid, mussel)  $18.49

N3, N6, N7 can be spiced mild, medium or hot

N1.  Pad Thai
Most popular dish made with thin rice noodles, egg, onion, bean sprouts & crushed peanuts.

N2.  Pad See-Ew
Wide rice noodles with egg, broccoli & sweet black soy sauce.

N3. Pad Kee Mao
Spicy wide rice noodles with carrot, onion, bell pepper & thai basil.

N4.  Pad Woon Sen
Glass noodles with egg, mixed vegetables.

N5.  Gai Kua
Wide rice noodles with egg, onion and bean sprouts.

N6.  Spicy Noodles Soup
Hot & spicy rice thin noodles soup with bean sprouts, onion, cilantro and garlic oil.

N7. Tom Yum Woon Sen
Clear noodles in hot and sour broth with bean sprouts, onion, cilantro and your choice of chicken, tofu or shrimp.

N8.  Louk Chin Nua Sodd
Thin rice noodles in beef broth with fresh beef and beef ball, onion, cilantro, bean sprouts and garlic oil.

N9.  Singapore Noodles
New $13.49

Wide rice noodles with cabbage, snow peas, eggplant, onion and yellow curry powder.